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Drink Local Wine

The intimate vine-to-wine experience.

in Newfields, New Hampshire 

Squamscott Vineyard & Winery

Growing grapes and making wine since 2012


Our mission is to provide the seacoast region with the highest quality, handcrafted, local wines; while using sustainable farming methods, maintaining open space along the pristine riverfront, and providing educational opportunities for plant science and wine appreciation students.


Squamscott Vineyard & Winery is the ultimate vine-to-wine experience. Meet the vigneron and the winemaker, sit outside just feet away from the vineyard, taste the handcrafted wines, while learning how minimal intervention produces a clean, aromatic wine.


We offer unique local wines that are handcrafted from our vines, using environmentally friendly and minimally invasive techniques both in the vineyard and winery.


The vineyard sits on 12 acres of lush, green fields alongside the protected shores of the tidal Squamscott River - where many forms of wildlife live in the salt marshes that hug the shoreline.

In 2019 we purchased the Dudley Watson 1792 homestead. Dudley Watson was a shipbuilder in Newfields. The storybook village of Newfields, located along the Squamscott River at the mouth of Great Bay, was a shipbuilding site in colonial New England. At the time it was known as South Newmarket, which had separated from Exeter, the colonial era capital of New Hampshire. This site allows us to expand our tasting and sales operation with both an outdoor patio, lawn seating and three rooms inside for tastings, sales and private parties.

Our Wines

Unique Dry Wines & Sustainable Farming

The best wines come from the best vineyard practices. It takes 3 to 5 years to begin the winemaking process. We make our wines to showcase the terroir of the geography, micro-climate, and rich soils along the banks of the tidal Squamscott River. Wines need to be aged to bring out the best properties. Aging enhances the flavor compounds, tannins, and acids to produce a well-balanced wine. Our minimal intervention methods allow us to produce wines with low levels of sulfites and are vegan. Enjoy our wines for a unique experience in winemaking, within the seacoast area of New Hampshire, at Squamscott Vineyard and Winery. 



Quaint and Cozy Tasting Room

Enjoy one of the most prominent, historical homesteads in Newfields. Our tasting room is in the Former home of Dudley Watson. Dudley build this home in 1792. We have spacious tasting rooms for your enjoyment - with tables spaced apart to maintain a safe environment. 

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